What is WordCaptureX?

WordCaptureX WordCaptureX is a software library that allows your application (i.e. single click dictionary) to capture words on the screen, up to an entire line of text. So the most common usage is for a dictionary app that empowers users to look up any word in any application with just a single click on that word.
In order to achieve this goal we are offering support for the two major tasks involved. The first one is about defining and monitoring the actions that an user is supposed to do on the screen of another application and informing your app when such an action has been detected. The second task is about screen scraping (or capturing) the word/text pointed by the user action.
Another goal was to make the library easily accessible from most popular languages so naturally we have engineered it using COM technology. Don't worry, C++ purists can still access it using the plain headers

How is this implemented?

Let's look at common scenario like popping up the definition of a word when Right-Clicking it while pressing the CTRL key.
Two main components exposed by the library take the major role in the action, WMonitorX and WCaptureX.

Use WMonitorX object to monitor mouse and keyboard actions. You simply state that you want to receive an event when such an action is produced. Your code must catch this event and use WCaptureX object to capture text at coordinates returned as parameters to the event.
In order to capture text the developer needs to set properties of a WInput object that will be passed as a parameter to Capture method exposed by WCaptureX object. Capture method returns a WResult holding the result of capture. You get the text from the WResult object and pop it up in your own window.
Pseudo code here looks simpler than in plain English.


Download here our samples in C#, VB.Net, VB6, C++, Delphi, Jscript.

Professional Services

If you are unfamiliar with screen scraping and how to use WordCaptureX, you can write us at support@wordcapture.com and we do have professional services offerings available where we can solve your screen scraping requirements.

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