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Main Window

You can see below the main window of our WordCaptureX Demo.
Here you can set options about monitoring applications on your computer as described below. 
Please also note that these monitoring options can be used together.
Let's see the ways words can be extracted from the screen.
  1. With mouse and keyboard

  2. You can capture from screen by pressing Ctrl + right click (as in the picture above).
    You can also enable drag gestures. For example while pressing Ctrl + right click you can drag the cursor horizontally along the text line, so you can capture even a whole line of text.
    You can set the color of the line you drag and its style, too.
  3. With Hotkey at mouse cursor

  4. By setting this option and a hotkey configuration (in the example - CTRL + SHIFT + M) you can start monitoring for capturing at mouse cursor when setting this hotkey configuration.
  5. With Hotkey at Caret

  6. CTRL + SHIFT + C - By checking this option you can start monitoring for capturing at caret.
  7. With Hotkey the selected text

  8. With the combination CTRL + SHIFT + T you can start monitoring for capturing the selected text.
  9. When mouse over for

    In this case, WordCaptureX starts monitoring for capturing when mouse over for a predefined amount of time (2 seconds in our example above).
  10. Next - Click here to start monitoring

  11. Click this button to start monitoring after you choose one of the methods for capturing text.