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Monitoring Window

Below you can see the monitoring window. It appears after you set your monitoring options and click Next - Click Here to Start Monitoring button (about Main Window) .  

Once you got on monitoring window, take the kind of action described at Main Window, so you can see the results.


If you've chosen to monitor CTRL + right click events, place mouse cursor over a word on the screen, then press CTRL + right click. The captured word/text appears in the Word(s) edit box as you can see below.
 As you can see in the picture above, there are 5 capture options. Let's explain them one by one.
  1. Contextual Words

  2. It is the number of words that the engine extracts from the left and from the right of the captured word.
    These words will be shown in the Left context and Right context text boxes.
  3. Get Paragraph

  4. If you set this option, the engine will extract the entire paragraph containing the captured word.
    The paragraph will be shown in the Paragraph text box.
  5. Highlight the Captured Word(s)

  6. Enabling this option, means that the engine will highlight the word(s) captured.
  7. Capture Method

    • use OCR if native method fails, meaning that the engine will try capturing with the native method; if it fails, then it will try to capture again using the OCR method.
    • use OCR as the main extraction methodmeaning the engine will only capture with the OCR method.
    • use the FullText method if native method fails, meaning that the engine will try capturing with the native method; if it fails, the engine will capture again using the FullText method.
    • use only the native method (this means that the engine will capture only using the native method).
  8. OCR language

You should set this option with the language you wish if you use capturing methods that use OCR.
Additionally, you have two text fields: Clicked char and Char index - these two will show the character you clicked on when you captured the word you wanted, and its index in the clicked word.