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Manually add redist files to your setup

This article describe step by step what you have to do to manually add components required by WordCaptureX to your setup.

1. Uninstall the WordCaptureX Demo.

2. Install the msi package you have received when buying.

3. Locate the redistributable files into the installation path.

4. Add all these files to your setup in the same folder as your app. If you do not plan to support x64 apps skip all the files with _x64 in the name.

5. If you are using reg free com add you manifest file in the same folder as your app unless you have already embedded the manifest into your app resources.

If you are not using reg free com you have to register the COM objects. Be aware that registration is different if you are installing on Windows x64 or x32. Check how to manually register WordCaptureX COM objects.

6. Add the Chrome extension as described here. (available only in PRO and PLUS versions)

7. Add Firefox extension as described here.

8. Add desired OCR language packs in the same folder as your app. (available only in PLUS versions)

You are all set!