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Reg free COM

Reg free com is the best method to avoid registration of WordCaptureX COM objects on your customer PCs. Microsoft provided this feature since Windows XP.

Shortly all you have to do is adding a manifest file to your application. This manifest is a simple xml file that tells Windows where to find your COM dependencies. Download this sample manifest and change it with the information relevant for your app. You have to deploy the manifest file in the same folder with your app or embed it as RT_MANIFEST resource type.

Once you did this you are no longer required to register the WordCaptureX COM objects. You can simply copy the redistributable files in the same folder as your app.

Another great benefit is that you no longer have to require elevation and admin privileges from your setup (at least from WordCaptureX standpoint).

More info about reg free com here.

Daniel Dines,
Nov 25, 2010, 7:27 AM