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What Do You Receive When Buying

WordCaptureX Starter Edition

Package Description
WordCaptureXStarter.msi Contains the basic features of WordCaptureX: capturing text from common Windows applications and monitoring user input events. It does not support advanced capturing techniques such as FullText,  OCR or capturing from x64 applications. This package also includes the visual Demo application.
WordCaptureXStarter.msm Merge Module containing the basic features of WordCaptureX. It is intended to be redistributed within your application setup package, that's why it does not contain the Demo application.

WordCaptureX PRO Edition

 Package  Description
Provides all the features of Starter plus: Extract text from Google Chrome and support for 64bit apps.
WordCaptureXPROEngineMM.msm Merge Module intended for redistribution. It contains all the features of the PRO package, but no demo app. Automatically register COM objects.

WordCaptureX PLUS Edition

 Package  Descritpion
WordCaptureXPRO.msi PLUS vs. PRO and Starter has 2 more capture methods:  FullText method, Screen OCR method and recently IE9 support. It includes a Demo application showing these techniques at work. With FullText you can extract text from Flash, WPF, FoxPro apps while with OCR you can extract text from scanned docs and images.
WordCaptureXPROEngineMM.msm Merge Module intended for redistribution of great help with the setup.  Automatically register COM objects.
Custom Trained Tesseract files and 
Standard Tesseract Training files as .traineddata files
OCR language packs for the following languages: English, Spanish, German, French, Italian, Dutch, Polish and many more.