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Compare with UiPath Studio

WordCaptureX and UiPath Studio shares the same capture engine for capture but they have been designed with different goals in mind. 

While WordCaptureX has been designed to address the need of a general lookup tool that works with words, lines and paragraphs on the screen and require user interaction (E.G the user Right Click on the desired word) UiPath Studio aims to address the screen based system integration needs often in an automated way.

Find below the feature list:

 Feature WordCaptureX ScreenScraper
 Define and Monitor user actions - WMonitorX component YES NO
 Users can select regions and windows on the screen - TSelection NO YES
 Screen scraping from point YES YES
 Context information when scraping from point YES NO
 Can extract paragraph YES NO
 Screen scraping a region on the screen NO YES
 FullText method Limited, can extract text from a window/control but not descendants YES
 Ability to scrape Java apps ONLY OCR Native, FullText - 100% accuracy
 Ability to scrape Console apps ONLY OCR Native - 100% accuracy
 Google Tesseract OCR engine YES YES
 Microsoft OCR - MODI NO YES
 Recognize windows/controls on the screen using plain text identifiers that are the same for different runs of the target app - UIElement component NO YES

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