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How do I integrate it into my app?

OK, so you liked the demo...

We packed the functionality into a couple of COM objects. We know you might hate COM but don't worry, you do not need to register them when you deploy your solution, it works with any setup technology (including ClickOnce)  and in fact you just have to add a bunch of files to your installation path.

We support all development environments and languages that are COM aware, most used being Visual Studio (C++, C#, VB.Net), Delphi, VB6. 

On the development machine you need to have installed either WordCaptureX Demo or the package you have bought. Our setup registers the library COM objects needed during development. It is not mandatory that you will have to register them when you deploy your solution, but during development you need to have them registered to allow your dev environment to import the type libraries.

Start with a sample or automatically generate code for a specific scenario. 

Build you app and test it on the development machine.

Now you are ready to deploy it. If you do not need to support Windows NT or 2000 we suggest you use reg free com deployment to avoid COM registration.

If you want to support Windows 2000 you still have to register the COM objects; don't worry our msi packages or merge modules received by you when buying are doing it automatically for you. 

If you are a purist C++ dev you can avoid COM altogether and deploy the solution without any limitation starting from Windows NT. 

Regardless of how do you choose to handle COM you need to either manually add the required files or automatically using the merge module you received when buying.