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Supported Applications

Rather then listing all the applications supported (impossible task by the way) we have grouped apps by the technology used to create their User Interface.

 Technology WordCaptureX Scraping Method
 Major apps using this technology
 GDI32  Native, Fulltext, OCR, SelectedText  Microsoft Office, Internet Explorer, FireFox up, Open Office, MFC apps, .Net v1 and v2 apps, Windows explorer, Windows Common controls and generally speaking most applications on Windows Platform.
 GDI64  Native, FullText, OCR, SelectedText  Windows Explorer x64, IE x64, Notepad x64.
 Java  OCR, SelectedText Java apps using swing framework.
Note: If you need to screen scrape Java apps with 100% accuracy please use UiPath Studio.
 Flash  FullText, OCR, SelectedText  Most online apps.
 WPF  Fulltext, OCR, SelectedText  Newest Windows technology shipped with Vista and .Net Framework 3.0.
 PDF  Native, Fulltext, OCR, SelectedText  Acrobat Reader and Professional.
 Silverlight  OCR, SelectedText  Native method coming soon.
 Adobe Air  OCR, SelectedText  Cross platform technology working on Windows and Mac.
 GTK  OCR, SelectedText  Cross platform technology working on Linux, Windows and Mac.
 FoxPro  Fulltext, OCR, SelectedText  Application created in FoxPro.
 WebKit  OCR, SelectedText  Chrome, Safari browsers.