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Single Click Text Capture API

Developing business process automation software since 2004: WordCaptureX - single click word/text capture API and UiPath Studio (former Screen Scraper Studio) - robotic automation software.

Release Notes

Version 6.5.5291
  • WordCaptureX extension added to Chrome Web Store. Fixed issue: Chrome auto disabling WordCaptureX extension.
  • Other minor fixes.

Version 6.5.5199
  • Plugin fixes on latest Chrome versions: all scraping methods enabled.
  • Other minor fixes.
Latest build available for download here.

Version 6.5.5123

  • Windows 8.1 fixes
  • Capture at caret fix.
  • All browsers support fixes.

Version 6.5.4931

WordCaptureX Demo available for download here.

Version 6.5.4812
  • Chrome 25 support. Due to new Chrome plugin policy, WordCaptureX plugin has to be manually enabled.
  • Adobe Acrobat crash fixed.
  • Other minor bug fixes.
Latest Demo available for download here.

Version 6.5.5 coming soon

  • Office 2013 support. Word 2013 already supported. Try latest Demo here.

Version 6.5.4783 

  • Adobe Reader 11 support.

Version 6.5. Release date 10.17.2012
  • Native support for Metro and Desktop apps on Windows 8
  • Improved OCR engine with support for Hebrew language
  • Other bug fixing and improvements
Free WordCaptureX demo available here.

Ver. 6.0. Release date: 5.29.2012

We have just released a new major version for WordCaptureX. Here are the most important release notes:
  1. Improved OCR engine with new training files
  2. Re-engineering Chrome extension that fixed pending issues
  3. Gesture capture works across browsers - enables scraping of more than one word out of a line of text by pressing a key and a mouse button while dragging the mouse over the words
  4. Improvements for the experimental Metro support
  5. Allow specifying of filters for OCR output. If you are certain that the output is a phone number or date or any arbitrarily format you can specify what characters are included to obtain better accuracy.

Ver. 5.0.4461. Release date: 03.23.2012

  • OCR improvements 
  • Chrome fixes 
  • Support for x64 client apps

Ver. 5.0.4405. Release date: 01.23.2012

  • Several bug fixes and improvements
  • Latest Chrome version (16.0.912.77) support

Ver. 5.0.1701. Release date: 09.29.2011
  • Remove dependency of FireFox XPCOM technology so you do not need to deploy a new version with every FireFox release 

Ver. 5.0.1660. Release date: 08.22.2011

  • FireFox 6 support
  • IE9 minor bug fixes

Ver. 5.0.1607. Release date: 06.27.2011

  • FireFox 5 support 

We're on NuGet

For .Net developers you can now find our library on NuGet , a Visual Studio extension that makes it easy to install and update open source libraries and tools in Visual Studio. 

Ver. 5.0.1537. Release date: 04.18.2011

  • IE9 zoom bug fix 
  • Other minor bug fixing 

Ver. 5.0. Release date: 04.11.2011

We are happy to announce the release of WordCaptureX v5.

Most important release notes

  1. Support for IE9
  2. Support for FF4
  3. Chrome 10 support
  4. Long click feature. Left or right click pressed for one second over the word to capture.
  5. Many other improvements and bug fixing.
You can try it here.

Ver. 4.0.1511. Release date: 03.23.2011

  • Memory leak in VS2010 fix 

Ver. 4.0.1439. Release date: 01.10.2011

  • Support for Adobe Reader X

Ver. Release date: 12.14.2010

  • Minor reg free com fix 

Ver. Release date: 11.29.2010

  • Fix retrieving far-east chars in IE9

Documentation update on 11.26.2010

Ver. Release date: 11.24.2010

  • Reg free com + fixes related to x64 screen scraping build

Ver. Release date: 11.17.2010

  • Reg free com version enabled

Ver. Release date: 10.22.2010

  • Added the ability to download OCR language files directly from user interface

Ver. Release date: 10.12.2010

  • Improved doc about using WordCaptureX without com registration

Ver Release date: 10.05.2010

  • IE9 support

Ver. Release date: 09.29.2010

  • Bug fix: reverse Hebrew

Ver. Release date: 08.17.2010

  • Chrome support