UIControl Interface

This interface has been designed to offer information about the windows and controls that contains the text to be scraped. It is used primarily to implement FullText Method. Also you can use it to detect what is the Window class where the capture point reside. Based on the Window class you might use different Screen Scraping Methods.


// the name of the UIControl

BSTR Value
// the value of the UIControl

BSTR Class
// the class of the UIControl

long Hwnd
// the hwnd of the UIControl


HRESULT CreateFromScreenPoint([in] long x, [in] long y)
// Gets the UIControl at the specified point on the screen
// Available only in the WordCaptureX Plus version


 // no object was found.
HRESULT GetScreenRect([out] long *px, [out] long *py, [out] long *pwidth, [out] long *pheight)
// Retrieve the UIControl rectangle on the screen


 // an invalid argument is passed to “Capture” method.

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